FUJI The view and the trip of enjoying the colorful buffet.


HOTEL GREEN PLAZA HAKONE , FUJI You can overlook the mountains
Great view Open air bath A resort boasting of Hotel is.
Sengokuhara, Owakudani, ASHINOKO Also good access so HAKONE It is convenient for sightseeing.

FUJI The view,
A colorful buffet
A fun trip.

HOTEL GREEN PLAZA HAKONE , FUJI A magnificent view overlooking the mountains Open air bath A resort boasting of Hotel is. Sengokuhara, Owakudani, ASHINOKO Also good access so HAKONE It is convenient for sightseeing.

An unforgettable experience


In the powerful live kitchen​ ​
​ ​I can taste hotly prepared fish.

Cooking using local fresh produce is exquisite. In the live kitchen, we offer fresh produce such as low-temperature cooked roast beef and fragrant cheese pasta. Also Japanese cuisine You can also choose.


Open air bath with, FUJI mountain views, and so forth
Choose a room from 10 types.

FUJI views of the FUJI from the room watching Premier Room, a popular Open air bath Asian room and with Open air bath with a Japanese style room, standard Japanese style room, Western style room, Japanese-style room up. You can choose from 10 different rooms.


HAKONE Even more, FUJI Mountain view
Great view Open air bath Relaxing.

FUJI Mountains and HAKONE You can see the four seasons of Open air bath , HAKONE The best view. With time FUJI The mountain changes its expression, especially the beauty of the sunset is exceptional. Beauty skin hot water · SENGOKUHARA hot spring Relax with hot water.


In a convenient location for sightseeing,
HAKONE Enjoy yourself.

HAKONE 3-minute walk from the ropeway Ubako Station. HAKONE In want to visit by all means "Owakudani" and "pampas grass prairie of Sengokubara" "ASHINOKO In all within 15 minutes. "access Can be, it is the perfect base for sightseeing and walking.

Neighbor Map

Figure: Neighbor Map

Figure: Neighbor Map


HAKONE Glass Forest Art Museum

In addition to exhibitions of precious Venetian glasses and other items, you can also enjoy shopping and gourmet.



HAKONE's leading art museum. There are outdoor sculptures to enjoy walking and play sculptures for children to enjoy.


Susukino grassland

Susuke of Sengokuhara which is a must-see spot in autumn. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery where golden ears shake on one side.



You can enjoy unique landscapes with white smoke and popular black eggs etc HAKONE A representative popular spot of.



Majestic FUJI Mountain back HAKONE A sightseeing spot that you can absolutely visit that you can enjoy pirate boat sightseeing etc.


HAKONE A shrine

“ HAKONE Shrine” is believed to be a god of good luck such as good luck. A power spot that you want to stop by.

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HAKONE/HAKONE for the reduction of the mountain eruption alert level 1
From October 7, 2019 HAKONE has been reduced to mountain eruption alert level 1.